senior man creating a birdhouse from wood

 9 Woodworking Projects for Seniors

There’s something to be said for the satisfaction you get from making things with your hands. Part of the pleasure may come from the burst of dopamine released in the brain when your efforts yield results. Plus, there’s the fact that creativity boosts positivity. Whatever the reasons, working with your hands is rewarding and, best of all, you don’t have to be a master craftsperson to enjoy it. Even woodworking — sometimes intimidating to those unfamiliar with power tools — can bring joy to beginners. Here are some simple woodworking projects for seniors who are learning the basics:

#1 Build a Birdhouse

If you’re learning the ABCs of woodworking, making a birdhouse is a time-honored beginner’s project. With a few tools, a 1×6 pine board and a handful of other materials, you can create a charming home for local birds.

#2 Create a Dual-Purpose Cutting Board and Serving Tray

Looking for a low-cost, one-day project that produces a lovely finished product suitable for gift-giving? Try your hand at making this maple and walnut cutting board and serving tray.

#3 Construct a Couch Sleeve

A what? A couch sleeve turns the arm of your sofa into a small side table where you can place your beverage, a book, the TV remote, or anything else you like to keep handy.

#4 Transform a Pallet into a Shelf

Upcycling a wooden pallet into a nifty wall shelf is a great way to reduce, reuse, recycle. Look for free wood pallets at local businesses or do an online search. Once you find a source for pallets, you’ll discover a myriad of clever projects.

#5 Make a Cookbook Stand (or Tablet Holder)

Simple and practical, this small book stand is ideal for propping open your cookbooks or woodworking books, or holding your tablet while you cook or create.

#6 Assemble Tea Light Holders

Use leftover plywood to add ambience to your home with this clever approach to making a candle holder. Of course, you can use flameless LED tea lights as a safe alternative to an open flame.

#7 Fashion a Farmhouse-Style Wall Key Holder

In 3 to 4 hours, you can build this shiplap wall key holder, which combines rustic charm with organizing potential.

#8 Upcycle Reclaimed Wood into a Lamp

With a chunk of wood, a drill, a lamp kit from the hardware store and few other supplies, you can turn an eye-catching piece of wood into functional room décor.

#9 Make a New Vintage Crate

For another upcycling woodworking project, use reclaimed wood to create a vintage-looking crate for storage or display. 

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