Senior Living Testimonials

The experts are talking about us.

Residents once had the same questions you may have. Now they’re talking. Learn what led them to choose Canterbury Court and what they’ve experienced here.

Willem Westerman
Ruth Rockwell
Hall Goode
Gail Johnson

“As a younger resident, I was initially concerned I might find myself in a depressing, restrictive senior environment. What I found was a vibrant senior community filled with caring, active, friendly people. This is the right place for me to enjoy life with future security, as my care needs may change as I age.” – Mary, resident since 2017

“There’s so much to like. It’s a bit difficult to pinpoint a single outstanding thing about Canterbury Court. I would say the people, because everyone’s so welcoming. I also like the opportunity to be involved in a variety of activities on campus and the attractions in Atlanta.” – Mickey, resident since 2009

“The first thing you’ll notice is, the staff is outstanding and the residents are warm and friendly. And we stay busy! I do Tai Chi and volunteer in the library. T.J. continues to work as a composer and is involved in wellness activities.” – T.J. and Lois Anderson, residents since 2012

“We were attracted to the friendly and leisurely atmosphere and all the services provided. It’s great to know my wife and I are secure here with a plan for our future.” – Forrest, resident since 2016

“Since moving here, I’ve joined a book club and vespers club. I love the genuine atmosphere of friendly community. This is a beautiful place.” – Gloria, resident since 2012

“I’m having so much fun. I’ve joined the synchronized swimmers group at Canterbury Court. And I’m doing more of what I like to do because I have more free time. My parents lived here, so I knew what to expect – kind and interesting people who are fun to be with.” – Martha, resident since 2014

“I’m more outgoing and get involved in more activities and some of their exercise classes. My husband is a little more laid-back, and that’s fine. You can have your privacy when you want it. But if you want fellowship, if you want community activities, they’re here for you. It’s really your choice.” – residents since 2017

“Canterbury Court is like an artist community-in-hiding. Residents include a composer, musicians, a coloratura soprano of the Metropolitan Opera. There are painters, an organized community choir, master gardeners, poets and writers. It goes on. Even the CEO is a multi-instrument musician who plays the piano for Happy Hour and also for residents in the skilled nursing neighborhood. The artistic culture is just wonderful.” – Diane, resident since 2012