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Common Senior Living Myths and Why You Shouldn’t Believe Them

If you want to see how myths get spread, try mentioning to friends and family that you’re thinking of moving to a retirement community. Have they experienced senior living themselves? Nope. But they’re ready and willing to perpetuate some popular senior living myths.
So, let’s set the record straight. Below are seven senior living myths that deserve to be debunked, along with the real truth about what you can expect when you move to a terrific community like Canterbury Court. (Hint: It’s everything you want, and more!)

Seven Senior Living Myths We’re Busting Right Now

Myth: You’ll be living in an institutional atmosphere.

Reality: Actually, senior living communities like Canterbury Court deliver a vibrant, welcoming lifestyle and atmosphere, from beautiful grounds and inviting apartments to resort-like amenities and an array of terrific dining spots and places to meet friends. Your social life is your own, and so is your time. You’ll feel right at home here, and love where you live.

Myth: Only old people move to these places.

Reality: Seniors who choose to move to independent living communities may be of a certain age, but they can’t wait to write the next great chapters of their lives. Residents prioritize well-being and vitality and happily tell you that “age is only a number.” They chose to live in a retirement community because they want to embrace an amazing quality of life, and in communities like Canterbury Court, you’ll be offered countless ways to do that every day.

Myth: You can forget about your independence and privacy.

Reality: The truth is, life in an independent living apartment is just like living in any apartment – except that you have the benefit of countless ways to get the most out of life right outside your door. No one tells you where to go or what to do when you live in a community like Canterbury Court. Your time is your own to spend as you like.

Myth: Hope you like institutional food with no flavor or interest.

Reality: That senior living myth couldn’t be further from the truth. At Canterbury Court for example, you can choose from five dining venues, from fine to casual. There’s even a private dining room, so you can invite family and friends for celebrations and holidays. Chefs plan and prepare every menu, and the quality rivals any meal at your favorite restaurants. (Plus, you don’t have to do the dishes!)

Myth: Forget about personalizing your apartment; they’re all alike.

Reality: There’s nothing institutional about the apartments in an independent living community. Not only will you typically have your choice of size (Canterbury Court offers one-, two- and 3-bedroom options, as well as studios), you’re free to decorate and furnish your place your way. Go ahead and get creative, it’s your home after all.

Myth: Everyone has to participate in the same activities.

Reality: Forget that image of an activity director telling you where to go and what to do. The whole idea of independent living is, well, total independence. True, there’s a full slate of engaging activities to choose from, but it’s up to you when, how – and if – you take advantage of them. Pursue what you love, rekindle those old talents, or find a new passion. You’ve got all the time in the world to do as you choose.

Myth: Senior living costs more than staying in your home.

Reality: When you put pencil to paper, you’re going to be surprised at what seniors can save by living in a retirement community. Remember, your monthly fee is all-inclusive, so meals, weekly housekeeping services, utilities and security are included, not to mention your home is maintenance-free inside and out. Plus, you’ll never worry again about property taxes, homeowner’s insurance and other recurring expenses. The numbers really do tell a great story.

Forget the Myths, Discover True Senior Living at Its Best

Now that you know the real story about what you’re missing, why not learn more about the personalized senior living experience at Canterbury Court? You could be enjoying your best retirement lifestyle right here in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, so take the first step and reach out to us to arrange a tour. We look forward to showing you around our amazing community.