a daughter gives her senior mother Mother's Day presents

10 Thoughtful Activities to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Regular visits and calls help senior living residents maintain close ties with their loved ones. Yet when holidays and other special occasions roll around, those shared moments are more valuable than ever.
Even if you already visit frequently, Mother’s Day is an ideal occasion to spend some extra quality time with the woman who gave so much of her life to shape your own.
Especially if it’s your mom’s first Mother’s Day in a senior living community, you may be wondering how you can adapt your annual traditions to her new retirement lifestyle. These ideas for activities with mom will help brighten your annual celebration and show your mom how much she’s appreciated — on Mother’s Day and every day.

  1. Share a meal together. Across Atlanta, you’ll find numerous restaurants serving brunch, offering special Mother’s Day menus and hosting other Mother’s Day activities. If you prefer to skip the fanfare, you might choose a place that serves your mom’s favorite cuisine or bypass the crowds completely and bring takeout to enjoy in the peaceful comfort of her apartment.
  2. Enjoy a garden stroll. Communities like Canterbury Court, located in Atlanta’s Buckhead area, offer acres of stunning gardens and serene walking paths so you can admire the fresh blossoms together while soaking up some natural vitamin D. While you’re wandering, remember to stop by the orchid greenhouse for a glimpse of the latest exotic blooms.
  3. Create a craft project. With so many resources online, you won’t have to look far to find inspiration or simple how-to guides. A picture frame or brag board to display photos of grandchildren are timely ideas for Mother’s Day crafts, or you might design something functional, like a basket to hold remote controls or skeins of yarn.
  4. Go get pampered. Years of kissing boo-boos and soothing broken hearts has surely earned your mom a little indulgence. Book a spa appointment together so you can enjoy a leisurely mani or pedi, or float away together on a cloud of massage therapy bliss.
  5. Get your blood pumping. Exercise is always more enjoyable with a partner, so set out on a brisk walk through the community or take part in a fitness class that’s suited to both of your abilities. Yoga or Pilates are two examples of classes that can easily be leveled up or down as needed.
  6. Explore a new hobby. Retirement is a perfect time to explore new interests and hobbies, and helping your mom get a head start on Mother’s Day could help her discover a new passion. If your mom has a green thumb (or wishes she did), one great option is the personal garden plots Canterbury Court makes available to its residents.
  7. Tackle a “someday” project. Virtually everyone has a list of little things they’d like to tackle someday. It might be organizing photos or transferring handwritten recipes into a cookbook. Whatever your mom’s “someday” may be, use this Mother’s Day to help her accomplish something that will make her proud.
  8. Relax and enjoy some free time. Sometimes the best memories are made when you have nothing planned at all. Simply relaxing while you catch up on the latest family news or binge-watch episodes of your favorite TV program are pleasant ways to pass a day; the key is the time you’re spending together.
  9. Initiate some friendly competition. If laid back isn’t quite your style, fill your time productively with some thought-provoking games. Not only will you and your mom enjoy some friendly rivalry, but games are also a great way to keep her cognitive skills sharp while having fun.
  10. Take a trip down memory lane. There’s no time quite like Mother’s Day to revisit some of your favorite moments from childhood. Bring photo albums, scrapbooks or videos and settle in for some good old-fashioned reminiscing. If you haven’t already, it’s a great opportunity to jot down the memories you want to preserve.

Discover a Community Worthy of Your Mom

Celebrating Mother’s Day is extra rewarding when you know your mom is comfortably enjoying an enriching and engaging retirement lifestyle. Contact us to learn more about senior living at Canterbury Court and whether it’s right for your senior mother or another loved one.