November 9, 2020

Dear Canterbury Residents, Employees, Family Members, Trustees, and Community Partners,

We learned today that a staff member who works in our Nursing Pavilion has tested positive for Covid-19 as part of our weekly testing.  The staff member was wearing a mask and face shield while they were on shift and they are currently asymptomatic.  They will be quarantined per our policy.  All residents who were in contact with this staff member will also be quarantined and tested.  Affected resident families have all been notified.

The two staff members that we previously reported had tested positive are now beyond their quarantine periods and will be returning to work.

Healthcare staff will continue to test weekly and all other staff will test monthly.  Our next monthly testing is scheduled for the week of November 16th.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach me at 470.381.6790 or or Julie Parker, Chief Operating Officer, at 404.201.7067 or


Debi McNeil

President & CEO