July 24, 2020

Dear Canterbury Residents, Employees, Family Members, Trustees, and Community Partners,

Earlier this week, we shared that one of our staff members who works in our personal care home had tested positive for COVID-19 as part of our routine community-wide testing.  As a proactive precautionary measure, our team retested all of our personal care residents. Yesterday, we learned that one of our personal care residents has tested positive. Neither the staff member nor the resident is showing symptoms for the virus and both have been retested.  All other residents and staff in our personal care home have tested negative and we have not received any additional positive results from our testing held on July 15th. The resident will remain quarantined and staff will wear full PPE while providing essential services.

Our proactive approach to testing has allowed us to identify and isolate non-symptomatic individuals early on. We strongly believe that continued regular testing together with wearing masks and other PPE as well as proper infection control measures are key to limiting the potential spread of the virus within our community.

Our goal is to continue with weekly testing for all healthcare staff and monthly testing, if available, for all other employees. We will continue to test residents and employees, as necessary, who have been exposed to the virus.

We will continue to keep you fully informed of any new cases we identify in the community.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach me at 470.381.6790 or or Julie Parker, Chief Operating Officer, at 404.201.7067 or


Debi McNeil
President & CEO