COVID-19 Policies and Protocols

August 28, 2020

Dear Canterbury Residents, Employees, Family Members, Trustees, and Community Partners,

We’ve had a great week at Canterbury, and I’m thrilled to share we have no new cases of Covid-19 to report.  We are continuing with weekly testing for all healthcare employees and monthly testing for all other employees.  Our last monthly testing was conducted the week of August 17th and all tests came back negative.

At this time, we have no employees with a positive Covid-19 diagnosis and 1 Independent Living resident with a positive Covid-19 diagnosis. 

Our next monthly test for our employees is scheduled for the week of September 14th.  Residents who have been directly exposed to Covid-19 can arrange for testing through our Health Clinic.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach me at 470.381.6790 or or Julie Parker, Chief Operating Officer, at 404.201.7067 or


Debi McNeil President & CEO