elderly woman smiling while eating lunch at her retirement home

When Is the Right Time to Move into Independent Living?

Older adults have more choices in retirement today than ever before. While many of today’s seniors are still aging in place in their homes, the benefits of moving to a senior living community are persuading more and more seniors to choose independent living. A common misconception is that independent living communities are only for people who can no longer care for themselves or remain in their home. Communities like Canterbury Court are definitively proving that idea to be outdated. When to move to independent living varies for each person, but seniors who have already made their move will tell you there’s no time like the present. 

These invaluable benefits are the main drivers of why you or your loved one should consider moving to independent living sooner.

Maintaining Independence

The most valuable benefit of moving to an independent living community can be summed up in one word — longevity. Moving to senior independent living allows seniors to maintain the lifestyle they cherish and keep their independence longer. The multitude of engaging activities, programming, services and amenities in independent living communities allows older adults to spend their time exactly how they want while offering ways to keep their minds sharp, bodies healthy and spirits up. The fact is, the sooner seniors move to independent living, the longer they’re able to keep their independence and improve their quality of life.

Another outstanding value of independent living communities is the continuum of senior health services available to seniors right where they live. Should a person ever need extra help with daily activities, assisted living or catered living is available on-site. If additional care is needed after an illness, injury or surgery, rehabilitation services are there. And for those with chronic conditions, long-term skilled nursing care is available. Higher levels of care within senior living communities mean seniors never have to leave the community, and the same quality services and amenities they’ve enjoyed in independent living are still available to them for life.  

Enjoying Every Minute

Many seniors move to independent living communities because they want to downsize homes and leave the burdens of everyday chores behind them. That’s part of the beauty of senior living communities. When seniors move into their independent living home, they no longer have to worry about home maintenance, landscaping upkeep, or even simple tasks such as changing lightbulbs. A dedicated team of senior caregivers and maintenance workers is always a call away to take care of tedious tasks that get in the way of enjoying retirement.

Beyond home maintenance, independent living communities provide weekly house cleaning, scheduled or on-demand transportation services, and cooking. In fact, many independent living communities are prized for the exceptional senior dining options available within the campus. There are often multiple restaurant-style dining venues to choose from for each meal, directed by an executive chef. Plus, meal preparation or meal delivery services are almost always an option. Moving to independent living frees up seniors’ time so that they can make the most of their retirement years.

Sharing Life with Others

As people age, their social life often dwindles. In independent living communities, nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, older adults are surrounded by like-minded peers who share their vigor for life and want to spend their retirement years sharing new life experiences and continuing the lifestyle they love. With a wide variety of social activities provided, making new friends who share similar interests and passions is far easier than when living alone outside of a community. The social connection offered in independent living communities is yet another key element in living a longer, happier life in retirement.

At Canterbury Court, our independent living residents will tell you that the question of what age to move into a retirement community has a simple answer. It’s whenever a person is ready to experience the freedom, friendship, and luxury of living the retirement lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of. We’d love to tell you more about our spectacular community and how you’ll fit in here. Simply contact us through our website or call us anytime at 404-261-6611.