senior man walking on a trail

Taking In the Scenery with Fast Walking

Tom Tredway walks two miles every morning. To some, he is a fast walker as he averages 13 minutes per mile.

He was not quick enough to avoid the lens of Jean Ellen Jones in the gardens at Canterbury Court recently. But he didn’t mind as he enjoys strolling in the gardens with his wife or to enjoy the scenery like a lot of people. The Tredways have enjoyed the gardens for about five years and live on the eighth floor where their apartment home overlooks the lush gardens.

“There’s a lot of green space and trees and flowers everywhere. It is a beautiful place to walk. It also is maintained well. People are always out there,” he said.

Tom said he moved to Atlanta in 1965 – the same year Canterbury Court opened – to attend Emory University. Of course, he did not know of Canterbury Court then.

Today he says of Canterbury Court: “It’s a great place to live. You can live worry free and not have to worry like when you own a home. It’s a friendly place. We didn’t know anyone when we moved here, but now we have a couple hundred friends. They both are involved in some of the social activities at Canterbury and Tom has been treasurer of the Residents Council for five years. “My wife mentioned that I was treasurer of our church. That’s how that happened,” he recalled.