Senior man taking his dog for a walk

Why Is it Beneficial for Seniors to Have Pets?

What’s the most frequent question retirement communities are asked after “How’s the food”? That’s easy. It’s something along the lines of “Do you offer pet-friendly senior housing?” Sure, senior living communities offer a plethora of services, amenities, and activities designed to make your golden years the best of your life. It makes sense that potential residents want to know about the dining options. And it’s also not surprising that people inquire about the availability of pet-friendly senior apartments, since pets are like family for most of us. 

So, how do we answer these questions? Well, we believe we have some of the finest dining and venue of any senior living community, and we enthusiastically offer pet-friendly senior housing for pets and their owners in the Atlanta area.

Why Pet-Friendly Senior Housing Is So Important

The human-animal relationship is about more than just having a furry companion to cuddle with. Pets help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and provide the perfect excuse to exercise and socialize more. Another cool thing about our cat and dog counterparts is that they live pretty Zen lives, which are perfect for us to emulate. Pets don’t fret over past mistakes, and they don’t worry about tomorrow. They live in the moment, and they get excited about the little things in life that many of their busy human sidekicks don’t stop to appreciate nearly enough.

10 Benefits of Living with a Pet

1. Pets Keep Us Active

Physical fitness becomes more important as we age. Sometimes a pet offers the friendly nudge we need to get out for a walk.

2. Pets Moderate Our Emotions

More and more research indicates that the simple act of cuddling or petting an animal helps calm our nerves.

3. Pets Reduce Loneliness

Living alone can get lonely, but pets are often the perfect roommate to cut through that loneliness.
If only they’d pay their share of the rent.

4. Pets Don’t Let Us Isolate Ourselves

It’s hard not to make friends when everyone wants to pet your dog or ask you about your cat’s unique personality.

5. Pets Help with Pain and Stress

Pain and stress don’t retire. Pets provide a nonjudgmental companion that can help you forget your pain and stress.

6. Pets Provide Security

Your pet doesn’t have to be a guard dog to provide a sense of security, particularly if you live alone.

7. Pets Provide Routine

It’s hard for a lot of us to adjust to retirement life. Pets can provide a sense of routine that’s lacking once we have no job to go to.

8. Pets Provide Purpose

You’re never really an empty nester when you’ve got a pet by your side.

9. Pets Help Us Improve Our Memory

Pet ownership has been linked to lower levels of memory and thinking decline compared to those without a companion animal.

10. Pets Force Us to Focus on the Present

As discussed earlier, pets are amazing Zen masters. Let them be your guide to living in the moment.

Good Pets for Seniors

Now that you’ve found pet-friendly senior housing, what kind of pet should you bring with you? If you love the benefits of living with a pet but don’t have one yet, there are a lot of great options. The most popular are cats and dogs. Be sure to ask the retirement communities you’re considering if they have any dog breed and size restrictions. For most seniors, we recommend a small to medium-sized dog. Keep in mind that smaller dogs tend to be more active, and their small bladders mean you’ll be getting more outdoor exercise. Cats are great if you like a pet who feels more like a roommate who naps a lot. Other popular pets include rabbits, fish and birds. Whatever companion you choose, do your research and make sure it’s a good match to your personality.

Pets Love Canterbury Court

If you’re looking for pet-friendly senior apartments in Atlanta, GA, we’d love for you and your furry friend to come take a tour. There’s no end to the activities you and your pet can enjoy on our 11-acre campus. And residents have opportunities abound for social events, learning new things, and for health and wellness. Get in touch with our team today!