Paws For a Moment

Paws For a Moment

And get to know Zelda!

Zelda is one of Canterbury Court’s many cute canine residents. She lives with her humans, Ginger and Bob. Zelda has an esteemed legacy but has not let that go to her head! She is friendly and loves living here and exploring all of Canterbury Court’s nooks and crannies. Following is a little interview with Zelda so you can get to know her better.

Q: Hi, Zelda! I’ve heard a bit about you from your family but would love to know more. Where were you born and what was it like there? Do you have siblings?

A: I was born in Sandy Springs, Georgia. My breeder was Marlene C. Burford of Mardot Kennels.  My full name on my American Kennel Club birth certificate is Mardot Miss Zelda. I have a brother named Tony whom I lived with for six years. I haven’t seen him since I came to Canterbury, but we are planning a visit soon.

Q: I understand that before your retirement and move to Canterbury Court, you were a much-lauded show dog! Can you tell us about some of the prizes you won? What were some of your favorite competition sites and why? Do you miss the dog show scene?

A: I am a West Highland Terrier and received my championship certificate from the American Kennel Club in July 2018. I was a show dog for two years and after I retired from that career, I became a mother and took some time to myself to raise my three litters of puppies. After I became an empty nester in 2022, I decided it was time for me to think about my future. I didn’t want to be a burden to my puppies or my brother Tony, who had a life of his own.

I had many ribbons during my show career, which is how I earned my championship certificate. My favorite show to watch is the Westminster Show, though I never attended myself.

I enjoyed my show time but not as much as spending time with my brother Tony at Marlene’s house and raising my pups.

Q: Is it true that you are of Scottish ancestry? How would you sum up the characteristics of your breed?

A: My bloodlines do run back to Scotland and Spain. My breed was raised to hunt rabbits and small game on the heath in Scotland and to burrow into holes to chase them. Fun Fact: West Highland Terrier tails have evolved as a handle that our owners or hunters can use to pull us out of holes so that the rabbits we chased in there can come out!

Q: I heard that you’ve been mom to many a cute pup! Do you know if any of your progeny has also hit the show circuit?

A: I come from a prestigious line, and my owner bred me for show dogs, so all of my children are champions (probably 😊). Of course, every mother believes their child is a champion.

Q: I am sure you are very loved by your human family. Can you tell me a little about them? Which one gives the most treats? Which one gives the best pets? Who takes you on your walks? Who lets you get away with the most mischief?

A: I have the most awesome parents. My father has often been called  “the most interesting man in the world” because after he retired from his career as a cardiologist in Seattle, he and my mom moved to Lopez Island off the coast of Washington to raise sheep and sail. My mom is the best. She was a nurse and social worker. She cuddles me and walks me all day long. She loves dogs and has had seven westies and a golden retriever, so she knows what it takes to be a dog mom. Mom definitely gives me the most treats and cuddles. She also turns a blind eye on my antics, but it’s Dad who comforts me in a thunderstorm.

Q: How do you find life at Canterbury Court? What are some of your favorite places to visit within the community? Where do you most like to sniff when you are on the grounds? Do you have special human friends besides your family that you enjoy greeting?

A: It took me a few months to get acclimated to my new home. I was a little nervous at first, but everyone here is soooo friendly that now when I trot down the hall to go for a walk, I give myself an extra 15 minutes so I can stop along the way to say hi to all my pet and human friends. My favorite place to go is the Legacy Gardens to roll around in the grass. Sometimes I like to catch the weekly music at happy hour or catch up on the latest novels in the library. I’m especially fond of the CEO at Canterbury. She gets down to love on me every time she sees me, and I’m always welcome in her office. Sweet Noradel Wilson is also a favorite of mine.

Q: Do you have any canine friends within Canterbury Court? If so, please tell me a bit about them. How would you describe your day-to-day life here to potential pet friends? What are some of your favorite things about living here?

A: Lucy B and I are pretty close. She’s lived here a number of years and was a mentor to me in getting acclimated. We’re similar in age and love to run around together in the gardens. Bella and Shadow are other good friends. There are so many pet friends here! We love to play in the gardens or in the dog park.

My day-to-day life is pretty great. I get up around 8:00 each morning. After my morning walk, I like to take my breakfast on the balcony to watch the birds and squirrels. After breakfast, I usually take a nap followed by a midday nap. After lunch, I visit with some friends to get treats and belly rubs throughout the community. In the later afternoon, I visit the Legacy Gardens for my daily rolls in the grass and a stroll in the gardens. I might stop in to visit the CEO and see how things are going; sometimes she needs my support. Then I have dinner and watch TV with my parents. We avoid the news. My day ends with an evening walk and bedtime by 9:30 or 10:00 because I need my beauty sleep.

My favorite things about Canterbury are getting to greet people in the hallway and enjoying the beautiful gardens!

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