Men's group members

Men’s Group Takes Root at Canterbury Court

Early in 2024, Gene Cambardella took action on what he saw as a potential need at Canterbury Court: a social outlet for the men in residence here. He noticed that the women of Canterbury had many options for get-togethers and seemed to readily form friendships, while the men showed more hesitance. In response to this, Gene founded Canterbury Court’s men’s group, and they had their first meeting in January 2024.

The group meets weekly at one of Canterbury Court’s dining venues and is open to all men at Canterbury. They enjoy the first meal of the day and one another’s company for about an hour and a half. There is usually no specific agenda, but Gene has found that the conversation flows naturally and on a wide variety of subjects. “The men are engaging and relish each other’s company. Friendships are easily formed,” he says. Sometimes they invite speakers to share information on subjects of general interest to the group.

A typical meeting will see about twenty attendees. “I personally invite existing residents and new arrivals,” says Gene. Canterbury Court kindly supports the group with all staffing and set-up needs. “They have been extremely accommodating,” he notes.  

It has been fun and engaging for the men to hear one another’s stories and discover commonalities and differences in their interests and backgrounds. “They are all accomplished in their professions, with fascinating histories and experiences,” says Gene. The men’s group has been a great success, pleasantly filling the bill for a men’s social scene at Canterbury Court.