Jean Ellen Jones with her camera

Capturing the Heart and Soul of Canterbury Court with Photos

Jean Ellen Jones likes giving her audience a “day in the life” at Canterbury Court with her photographs. It is rare to see her without a camera on campus or thinking about her next photo subject, such as Elizabeth Reynolds and dog Bella she caught in the garden one recent morning.

The retired art education professor from Georgia State University said she enjoys capturing scenes from Canterbury Court and meeting newcomers when she takes their photos for the community publication, Canterbury Tales. “I always took photos, and I used photography in my classes,” she said. “Now I play with it.”  

“A Canterbury benefit to resident artists and others is the exhibition area set aside to showcase residents’ artwork,” Jean Ellen said.

Jean Ellen likes the whimsical gazebo on Canterbury grounds. She was pleased on a recent day to take a photo of fellow resident Clyde Herron and his family enjoying a visit there.

Jean Ellen’s decision to move to Canterbury six years ago was simple. It was relatively close to her previous in town neighborhood and had a reputation for having a congenial group of people living there. She agrees.