Seniors gardening in community gardens

Residents Have a “Growing” Interest in Campus Gardens

They say it takes a village. And in this case, it takes a community to take care of the gardens at Canterbury Court in Buckhead.

The Garden Committee provides a lot of input to the team members who handle the gardens at Canterbury Court. Canterbury’s Garden Committee and its members are active, engaged and focused on enhancing their individual beds also in the gardens on the beautiful campus. A lot of residents say they made the move to the senior living community because of the gardens. Others discovered this hidden gem after deciding to move to Canterbury. Some grow flowers, some grow herbs and vegetables and others simply enjoy seeing them flourish.

Residents, family members and visitors are able to enjoy the gardens nearly year-round. The gardens are well manicured, maintained and gorgeous. A lot of the apartment homes have a bird’s eye view of the gardens.

On a typical day, you will find numerous people enjoying the gardens, their individual beds and talking about what they want to do to make theirs unique and special. On this particular day, you see residents Joyce Hutchinson, Judy Reidinger and others inspecting flowers, plants and talking about what needs thinning out, weeding and what’s next. It’s this kind of activity that occurs daily.

While the gardens look amazing, the work and planning that goes into maintaining them by the team members should be lauded. It’s truly unbelievable.