Father's Day, an adult son and father spending time together

Father’s Day Activities with Your Aging Dad

Father’s Day falls on the third Sunday in June. And if you’re looking for Father’s Day activities to make Dad feel special, we’ve put together some ideas to suit aging fathers. Whether your dad is still active or has mobility challenges, you can have a special day that honors him for all he’s done for — and been to — you.

5 Ideas for Father’s Day Activities

1. Set Up an Outdoor Barbecue.
It’s a classic way to celebrate Father’s Day for a reason. Enjoy Dad’s favorite summer foods in a festive outdoor setting. You could make it a potluck if your father has a lot of favorite dishes. You can set up lawn games, like bags, bocce or horseshoes. Depending on Dad’s activity levels, he can either participate or keep score. While outdoor celebrations are fun and offer a lower chance of spreading germs, don’t forget about hydration and sun exposure. Make sure Dad has plenty of water and shade.

2. Host a Game Night.
The beauty of a game night is it can be in any format you need it to be. You can host it inside, outside or virtually. You may have to adjust what games you play based on the setting, but that shouldn’t be difficult.

Inside Game Ideas:
·  Board games
·  Card games
·  Pictionary
Outside Game Ideas:
·  Charades
·  Fishbowl
·  Lawn games
Virtual Game Ideas:
·  Quiplash
·  Drawful2™
·  Codenames

3. Put Together a Tasting.
Pick something Dad loves and put together a sampling from various places around your town or around the world. Depending on his preferences, you could put together a beer tasting from local breweries; a taco sampling from different restaurants; a tasting of whiskey from Scotland, Ireland, Canada and the U.S.; or a dessert sampling from your town’s bakeries. You can rate them and choose a winner if you want. Or you can simply enjoy the delicious experience and spending time together.

4. Take an Online Class Together.
Whether you’re able to be in the same place or not, you can both take an online class and discuss what you’ve learned. MasterClass and The Great Courses offer class series on multiple topics from fascinating and well-known teachers. Duolingo lets you learn a language from your smartphone or computer. With Skillshare, you can grow your proficiency in creative realms. You can take one quick class together as a Father’s Day activity or take one class in a series regularly for the rest of the month. It’s a great opportunity to bond and improve yourselves at the same time.

5. Take Him to Play Golf.
A quiet afternoon with you on the links could make the perfect Father’s Day activity for your dad. Invite him to play a favorite course or give him a new challenge on an untried course. If your father’s still active, you could walk, or if he’s not as mobile as he used to be, spring for a cart. Either way, it will be a great outing for you both.  Dad deserves to enjoy an active and enriching lifestyle every day, not just on Father’s Day. Canterbury Court keeps him connected to everything he loves about Atlanta and adds friendly neighbors, fun activities, delicious dining and expert senior care — if he ever needs it.