Canterbury Court resident taking pictures outdoor

Clyde May uses photography to chronicle life at Canterbury Court

Once a photographer; always a photographer. Clyde May had a successful career as a photographer and now he has parlayed that into being a photographer at Canterbury Court.

Clyde has lived at the Buckhead senior living community for about 11 years and everyone knows him by his photos and photography. He continues to work part-time and showcase his work. He even has a photo studio in his apartment home. When you talk about photography, you talk about Clyde.

He enjoys doing portrait photography and said he “retired” about the time digital photography became popular. “As soon as it came in, I found it fascinating,” he said. “It’s a different world and I like a challenge.”

Taking photos in and around Canterbury Court keeps Clyde busy and allows others to appreciate his talent. Besides, he said he would go crazy if he did not have it.

Clyde can be found in the massive gardens at Canterbury Court like many of the other residents and visitors. He said he enjoys spending time in the gardens and taking photos of nature, people and chronicling the seasons.

For a time, every photo that appeared in Canterbury Tales, the community’s official publication, was taken by Clyde. Over the years, others have stepped up and joined his efforts.

Clyde said Canterbury Court is like one big family and he thoroughly enjoys meeting new residents and being active when he can – along with taking photographs to display in the exhibit area.