group of seniors gathered inside a gazebo

Being Outside Brings Back Memories at Canterbury Court

Each morning when Clyde Herron walks into the backyard of Canterbury Court, he has a fond memory. That exact spot is where his wife’s family home was when she was a little girl.

Clyde recalled going into the home where her father was – a workshop is now in its place at Canterbury Court – to ask his wife’s father if he could marry his daughter. Clyde and his wife have lived at the Buckhead senior living community for about 14 years. His wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and lives in the nursing pavilion at Canterbury.

Clyde is another resident who spends as much time outside as he can. He walks in the gardens for 30 minutes every day and also has a garden bed in the greenhouse.

On a recent pretty day, Clyde enjoyed a family visit with one of his sons and his son’s wife in the gazebo out in the gardens. With his children in the Atlanta area, he said he does this as often as possible. “There are several great spots like it, the fort and others to enjoy,” Clyde said.

Since living at Canterbury, Clyde said he has taken an increased interest in the gardens and loves what he now considers his backyard.

Clyde said Canterbury Court is outstanding and when he first inquired about moving to the community there was a wait list of eight or nine years. But then they built the West Tower. He has spent time as president of the Residents Council and can’t imagine living anywhere else.